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Sherry Wines

Sherry Wines

Bodegas Garvey offers a wide variety of wines from Jerez, known for their exceptional quality. Ageing under the “veil of flower” in American oak barrels  using the “soleras” and “criaderas” system with an average of 5 years of aging..

Fino “San Patricio”

very dry sherry wine, straw-coloured, with a sharp aroma, light to the palate, with ageing under the “veil of flower” (“velo de flor”) in American oak barrels. It is wonderful served cold as a aperitif,, in a traditional sherry glass.

Manzanilla “Juncal”

this is the Andalusian wine through an through. It is aged under exceptional conditions, for a long period of time and under the “velo de flor”. It is light, a very pale golden colour, dry to the palate with a slight salty taste of the sea and has a fruity bouquet. Served cold, it is ideal as a accompaniment to fish and seafood.

Amontillado “Tío Guillermo”

ambar-coloured with a smooth and light palate and a delightful aroma. It is perfect for those who are new to Jerez Sherry wine. It should be served at room temperature or slightly cooled.

Oloroso “Ochavico”

as its name suggests, it is very aromatic, elegant and with a strong personality. It is mahogany-coloured and is initially dry but full-bodied. A choice aperitif for an expert wine drinker, which should be served at room temperature.

Cream “Flor de Jerez”

this is a sweet wine made from Oloroso. It is mahogany-coloured and has a full body. It is best drunk with dessert, at room temperature or with ice.

Pedro Ximenez  “Garvey”

this is made from Pedro Ximénez grapes that have been laid out in the sun to dry. Darl mahogany in colour, it has a sweet taste and a complex and elegant aroma. It is vigorous and perfectly balanced.


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